North America’s Largest Hydraulic Press Manufacturer

The industry leader in designing and manufacturing heavy-duty, high-quality hydraulic presses up to 20,000 tons, fully automated hydraulic press lines, automation systems, and die handling equipment for dies weighing more than 100 tons.

Macrodyne manufactures custom hydraulic presses & press lines for general metalforming applications, hot stamping, deep draw, compression molding, forging, extrusion, coining, die spotting, hydroforming, elastoforming, superplastic forming, research & development, rubber molding, laminate, wood, and many more.

Precision, functionality, and repeatable performance are key variables considered during the design phase of every project. Industry-leading hydraulic, electrical, and control system components are standard on all equipment manufactured by Macrodyne. A strong focus on quality, innovation, and value results in competitively priced, reliable, and technologically advanced production equipment built with replacement components that can easily be sourced worldwide.

Our consistent growth is driven by the extensive group of long term customers who continue to purchase Macrodyne hydraulic presses, press lines, and die handling equipment on a repeat basis.