We Help Manufacturers Control Their Metal

MPI designs, manufactures and services magnets, material handling and electronic inspection systems. MPI products are designed to be complete metal and foreign contamination control solutions for a number of industries including stamping, forming, grinding, machining, castings, automotive parts and components manufacturing, plastics, aerospace and metal products processing.

MPI’s safe and reliable equipment and service programs help its customers minimize downtime and protect brand integrity. MPI leads the industry by interacting closely with customers and expanding its offerings to meet the changes of a dynamic and ever-changing marketplace.

Why Choose MPI

MPI gives you peace of mind by manufacturing reliable industrial magnetic and metal control equipment that removes contaminants, separates, or conveys metal in the production process.

We understand you shouldn’t have to sacrifice profit margin because of inefficient or ineffective sorting equipment.

We have decades of experience. When possible, we conduct testing prior to manufacturing which means you can expect hassle-free custom-made equipment.

We know quality. We build our products to the highest standards with top quality materials so they last.