Proven Production, Accuracy & Dependability

Rapid-Air began as a stamping operation over a half century ago. We felt the feeding and coil handling equipment the industry offered at that time was unsatisfactory, so we began to innovate our own line. In the same engineering spirit, we continue to design new, superior material handling solutions today. Equipment that can drastically increase your profitability.

Lasting Performance and Value

Dependably built Rapid-Air products are designed for precision control at high productivity levels. When semi-finished or finished parts can’t be subjected to buckling, distortion or scratching, depend on Rapid-Air.

Versatile Rapid-Air products are easy to integrate into your existing stamping operation. With our wide range of models, we have the right equipment for your specific application.

Set-up and operation are easy and maintenance requirements are minimized. Lasting performance and value. All Rapid-Air products are built with no-compromise materials and quality workmanship throughout.

New manufacturing techniques have resulted in simplified designs and lower costs passed on to you. Unlike some manufacturers who supply equipment built from low bid off-shore components, we design and build all Rapid-Air products right here in our own U.S. factories. No inconsistent design, differing parts or sourcing problems. Just the same reliable quality, renowned support and lasting value you can always expect from Rapid-Air.